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Concrete Grinding/Polishing & Resins

The photos you see show what can be done with a 30 year old concrete floor, the floor in question had about 12 layers of floor paint. The process we do is all done dry and because we have spent about 90K on plant it can be done 99% dust free, so we can polish the floor and other trades can work in the same room.

The first process is to grind away the top coat of concrete and expose the flint aggregate in the concrete, then its a seven stage polishing process and at every stage we change the polishing diamonds for a finer diamond until we finish with a 3000 grit diamond that gives you a floor that you see in the photos and there is no fake shine on them I.e no wax no varnish its just polished concrete.


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This means that this floor will stay looking this good for the rest of the life of the building, all you have to do is clean the floor once a week with a HTC TWISTER pad and the great thing with the HTC TWISTER PAD is that you use no chemicals just clean water.

Other benefits are no tyre marks are left on the floor unlike painted floors or unpolished floors, also because of the reflection of the floor you can reduce the lighting used in the building. This is the same type of flooring used in TESCO,SAINSBURYS AND WAITROSE but its called terrazzo.